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Daniel Antes

A true artist, Daniel Antes left the conventional path of life to apprentice under Chuck Crispin of Legendary Hardwood Floors and the late Birger Juell of Birger Juell Ltd., both multiple NWFA Floor of the Year winners. Daniel Antes father, Richard L. Antes is an Emeritus Holmsted Distinguished Professor from Indiana State University who likewise has a long standing appreciation of art and design and is a founder with Daniel Antes of Distinctive Hardwood Floors. Both have for the past two decades been practicing Old World Craftsmanship and mastered the art of Marquetry. Located in the middle of one of the largest contiguous forests in the United States, they have access to the best of solid lumbers that are only rivaled in the speciality veneer industry. The beauty of wood is beginning of all projects. The artisans responsibility is to preserve and reveal that beauty, the third dimension appearance and iredescense only seen in the finest of furniture.

Daniel Antes has backed countless NWFA Floor of the Year Winners as well as won several NWFA Floor of the Year himself.

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